Deafmetal Uutiset


“Being hard of hearing and the use of a hearing aid are wonderful personal beauty spots, just like scars and moles, for example, which make us individual. I love these differences. They should never be covered, but by emphasizing them, you become you and at the same time this message empowers others to be just and only themselves. You can't just change the world and its ideals of beauty, but you can change the way you think about them. That's the only way change begins. First in yourself, and then in the world.” -Jenni Ahtiainen (Creator & Designer of DEAFMETAL®)

“My Audiologist just told me about your company and holy sh*t take my money babyyy.” - Julia

“When I imagine myself wearing your designs, it makes me feel brave. That's the first time I've felt that way about wearing hearing aids.” - Stephanie

“With Deafmetal it felt easier to accept my shortcomings. I'm in love with the idea, the vision and the designs. To me, it's a symbol of unyielding passion, grit and resilience. It's a story about my life that I can proudly wear.” - Zoltan

“Today I received my first Deafmetals and I wear them with a lot of pride. I want to thank you for your great invention. You teach the world that hearing aids and cochlear implants do not mean a flaw, but are simply aids for a more carefree life... just like glasses. I hope that your Deafmetals will become better known and continue to conquer the world. Thank you.” - Tanja

“Omg how awesome!!! I'm so stoked and I feel so special… thank you so much!” - Cara

"Thank you for creating such an important business and bringing joy to people who may struggle with these things. It can be life changing." - Rebecca

“Hi! I just want to say how I love the jewelry I purchased from your website. While waiting to receive my hearing aids I did some online research about anything to help conceal it. I never knew about hearing aid jewelries or accessories until I found out about Deafmetal. I saw and read about some inspirational people and I realized that wearing hearing aids is something I should not be ashamed of! I am a nurse caring for children with mental health issues and it is important for me to be that "listening ear" and make them feel that they have a supportive and caring environment. Thank you for inspiring me to rock that Deafmetal!” - Dazelle

“When I was told a few years agoI really would benefit from hearing aids, I was appalled. Fast forward: My life of rock and roll has to be acknowledged and responded to. What has softened the blow hugely is finding @deafmetalcommunity and the hearing aid jewellery created by Jenni. Such an inspired idea, and I’m actually excited! Planning more!” - Alison

“Hi! I just want to say thank you for the products! Really impressed from a functional and aesthetic perspective, especially as an eighteen year old!” - Emily

“Thank you for making something that makes those of different beauties FEEL like a superhero.” - Alyssa

“I recently purchased my first Deafmetals and am very excited to incorporate fashion into my hearing aids! As an Egyptian HA wearer I was thrilled to find your ankh earrings and didn't think twice before clicking the purchase button. Thanks for your great work!” - Dalia

“When I came across your work by chance, I was thrilled and touched. Not to hide our hearing aids, this is how it should be. Your jewelry not only makes us feel more beautiful, confident and secure (which jewelry should always do)... your jewelry makes us proud and it is a shiny, shimmering, glittering middle finger to anachronistic ways of seeing. So I am very happy to wear it!

Thank you very much and keep up the good fight!” - Coco

“I just received my Deafmetal jewelry and I seriously love it! You definitely made me more confident wearing my new CI and that it’s secure and I don’t have to hide my disability.” - Kim

“Absolutely love it! Best accessory ever!” - Naomi

“The Deafmetal gang have been a particular source of inspiration. It's wonderful to see so many embracing their own hearing loss and finding creative ways to express themselves. I'm always worried that people might judge me or assume I'm less capable because of my hearing, but that's all fading away thanks to you.” - Rebecca

“I am very proud of being a part of the amazing Deafmetal Community!” -Anne

“Absolutely ADORE my Lonely Feathers. I’m wondering about my second order already. Easy to get ‘hooked.’” - Rose

“Wooow this is so cool!” - Veerle

“Thank you for teaching me how to embrace an imperfection I have always tried to hide. Perhaps if I showcase my hearing aids, I will start viewing them not as something to be ashamed of, but something to be proud of. They allow me to live my life according to my terms, so they deserve beautiful jewelry to embrace something that is definitely not ugly. Imperfection is a beautiful thing.” - Katie

“When I lost my hearing I really struggled with running and doing mountain bike like I had before because my aids didn't fit & would fall off all the time, and I didn't feel safe not wearing them to exercise. Being able to put a safety chain or rings on them has actually really helped me adapt to my "new normal" and still enjoy the stuff I used to do.” - Chellsee

“I love allll of the jewelry! It’s been amazing showing it off to others and helping me come to terms after all these years with HA’s.” - Emily

“Awesome, thank you so much! My daughter is obsessed! Thank you for making a product like this, it’s truly helped her feel comfortable wearing her 'ears'.”

“Fabulous support absolutely recommend - and such a wonderful idea for positive messaging (instead of being secretive about deafness).” - Tash

“Absolutely love it! I couldn’t be happier!” - Emily

“Being a bald woman due to alopecia universalis I like to find new and unique ways to decorate my head and put things on my head other than a wig. I have never been one to hide my differences and this includes my hearing aid and cochlear implant. I ran across Deafmetal and I now have 3 different pieces, I can’t pick my favorite as each can go with particular moods. I have received multiple compliments just in the first week. The Holster Deafmetal has created for their jewelry to connect to hearing devices is very innovative. I love that you can either get a very colorful holster, or, in my case, a clear holster. Thank you for creating something fun and edgy that this bald woman can show off!” -Amy

“Super obsessed with this hearing aid jewelry from Deafmetal! It’s actually beautiful and high quality and NOT cheesy or hokey. So ingenious! I have custom earmolds so I don’t worry about retention but this would be perfect for anyone worried about their hearing aids falling off their ears! I’m just wearing it for the unique fashion.” - Shannon

“This year’s prom was extra special not only because of my awesome friends and dress of my dreams, but because I got to feel like a princess with my Deafmetal piece!” - Maggie

“I get so many compliments on my cuff, and when I explain it is for my hearing aid people freak out. It is so perfect, and has saved me from a few near misses (kept my HA from falling into a puddle, the sink, you name it).” - K

“I can not say enough good things about this product and the sellers. I now have 3 “rings”. They do not only serve a purpose, which is the primary reason for purchasing, but they are beautiful. I am amazed at the quality. This is the ONLY product like this out there. 5 stars across the board. I asked for extra brochures to give my audiologist so that others can also have the chance to order these gems.” - Tricia

“So far so good! My son is 7. He is hearing impaired, non-verbal and quadriplegic. The CI has been his link to the world. We have been scouring the planet to find something that can help him retain his CI better.” - Chloe

“Absolutely stunning and a much nicer way to keep my hearing aids in place.” -Barbara

“My son loves how this looks and it makes his hearing aid much more secure.” - C

“Absolutely amazing! I ride horses and can’t wear my hearing aid due to fear of it falling. With the holster I can secure it to my ear and ride!! I can even canter through a whole course of jumps without it moving. Thank you for giving me my life back.” - Meaghan

“I can’t stop RAVING about this retention ring! I can wear hearing aids to do yoga now and it stays put. Life changing and looks super cute!” - Jessie

“I tried these out when I went to an event last night - not only did my hearing aids stay firmly in place, but I got some compliments on my “ear cuffs” - no one even seemed to notice that I was wearing hearing aids! I will definitely buy more...” - Kathleen

“Totally fixed my problem! My cochlear processor doesn’t budge! Thank you for coming up with something like this. This was a much better and more stylish option than what my audiologist had! Thank you!” - Lourdes

“So I just received my double silver safety ring and holster for my Advanced Bionics CI and it’s amazing! So much nicer than all the grips that the company provided and are so cumbersome and awkward to use! And this looks like something one wants to wear not has to wear. Thank you for creating this beautiful piece of jewelry.”

“FYI I have had to wear a head band since day 1 because of slow healing to hold my CI on and keep the pressure off my ear. But having to wear a headband all the time is so restricting to any type of hair style! I tried wig tape too but it was too close to the incision area still. I even had to wait 8 weeks before activation so being able to use this safety ring really is wonderful! My friends are also saying “you look so hip!!” oh my, not bad for a 66 year old!”

“This is an absolutely wonderful piece of functional jewelry. I couldn’t be happier. Already had an instance of getting out of my car where the magnet of my implant took hold of the door frame –had I not been wearing my Deafmetal for cochlear, my processor would have been dangling from the door frame of my car or worse - on the concrete.”

“Absolutely the best product for those of us who are HOH and/or deaf/cochlear implant. Would highly recommend this for anyone else who wears hearing aid and ESPECIALLY cochlear implant processors.”

“I have tourettes syndrome, it makes me shake my head all kinds of funky ways. Before I found this product it was impossible for me to keep my BTE aids in place, they would flip off in minutes..but with my holsters and my simple silver bands I can stand upside down shake my head and my aids do not move at all :) they’re a lifesaver for my lifeline.” - Rachel

“Hi, there. I am just writing to say THANK YOU. I am a 43-year-old female in Ontario, Canada. I have genetic, cookie-bite hearing loss and have worn hearing aids for the past year. I had no idea before I had my hearing tested that hearing loss was a possibility at my age, at least that's not a consequence of environmental acoustic damage. I happily ordered a bright pink pair of hearing aids, however with the mask mandate we still have here, I've almost lost my devices so many times (and did lose one once in a nearby city, but luckily a kind citizen found it and I was able to get it back). At $7K a pair, I really don't want to lose them, so I started wearing them less and less frequently when I went out of the house. This was why I was almost in tears when I first visited your site. Hearing loss happens to people of all ages. FINALLY something cool and super useful. THANK YOU for creating these products. THANK YOU for making it possible for me to actually wear my devices. THANK YOU for making it possible for people of all ages with hearing loss to embrace our situation.”

“This little hearing aid attachment for a cuff is a GAME CHANGER. I have little kids who like to rough house, and frequently have to have my head at a weird angle to see what I’m doing for work. Yesterday my hearing aids fell out of my ears at least 5 times. Today zero times. I love it I love it I love it. I will be sharing this with everyone I know, and probably some random strangers. Cannot recommend this product enough, what a brilliant innovation - thank you for quite literally making my life easier!”- Sarah

“Best invention ever for a hearing aid wearer. You’ve saved me thousands of dollars in lost hearing aids.” - Heather

“This is going to work on keeping my hearing aids from flying off my ears when I remove my glasses. I will be buying more of these tiny harnesses. They’re perfect!” - Arleen

“10/10 will buy again one of the best practical and cute hearing accessories I’ve found. As a young person who wears hearing aids I find a lot of the accessories are made for infants/toddlers or seniors and it’s hard to find my place in the market. This product fixed the tubing rubbing, my hearing aid flipping out, and general comfort and wearability. I will support them and promote them to whoever will listen.”- Sarah

“Fits perfectly. Easy to attach. Order even came with a helpful QR code with a video explaining how to attach.” - Heather

“Very pleased with these. They’re the first product I’ve found that hold my hearing aids in place reliably. They’re simple, subtle and look great! I bought the double cuff (with holster) but I’m going to get other styles so I can change the look.” -Shelley

“Perfect, much better than the cords hanging around my neck to make sure I don’t lose my hearing aids. Perfect!” - Barbara

“So much fantastic-ness. Thank you for making a great product.” - Kelly

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AIDesign Oy tai DEAFMETAL® eivät ole vastuussa kuljetusyrityksen aiheuttamista vahingoista tai tavaroiden menetyksistä.

Vaihto ja palautus
Voit vaihtaa tai palauttaa tilatun tuotteen. Suomessa sinulla on 14 työpäivää aikaa palauttaa tuote siitä päivästä laskien, kun olet vastaanottanut sen. Suomen ulkopuolella sinulla on 7 työpäivää aikaa palauttaa tuote siitä päivästä laskien, kun olet vastaanottanut sen. Huomaathan, että sinun on maksettava palautuspaketin toimituskulut. AIDesign Oy ei korvaa alkuperäisiä toimituskuluja, ellei vastaanottamasi tuote ole viallinen tai vahingoittunut.

Tuotteet tulee palauttaa uusina, käyttämättöminä ja samassa kunnossa kuin sait ne. Palautuksia, jotka ovat vahingoittuneet, likaantuneet tai muuttuneet, ei hyväksytä ja ne lähetetään takaisin asiakkaalle. Tuote tulee palauttaa alkuperäisessä pakkauksessaan sen varmistamiseksi, että se on riittävän suojattu kuljetuksen aikana. Palautukset käsitellään 1-3 työpäivän kuluessa päivästä, jona olemme vastaanottaneet palautetun tuotteen.Please make your exchange item enquiries by email or telephone to +358 400 427 876.

Kuinka palauttaa tuote

1. Täytä vaihto- / palautuslomake ja ilmoita meille mahdollisuuksien mukaan palautuksesta osoitteeseen

2. Pakkaa palautettava tuote huolellisesti ja varmista, että täytetty vaihto- / palautuslomake on pakkauksen sisällä.

3. Lähetä paketti osoitteeseen AIDesign Oy, Fredrikinkatu 58 C 45, 00100 HELSINKI, ja lähetä se omalla kustannuksellasi.


Palautukset suoritetaan vain alkuperäiseen maksuun käytetylle maksutavalle. Huomaa, että hyvityksen näkyminen kortillasi saattaa kestää jopa 10 arkipäivää riippuen käsittelyajasta. Tämä voi vaihdella suuresti kortin myöntäjien välillä, emmekä valitettavasti pysty vaikuttamaan asiaan.

Jos tilauksesi on lähetetty määränpäähän EU:n sisällä, kaikki myyntiverot palautetaan. EU:n ulkopuolella tulleja ja myyntiveroja ei palauteta AIDesign Oy:n kautta. Voit kuitenkin palauttaa ne ottamalla yhteyttä suoraan paikalliseen tullitoimistoon.


Verkkosivut, joihin asiakkaana lisätään maksutiedot, ovat suojattuja sivuja. Useimmat verkkoselaimet käyttävät symboleja osoittamaan, että vierailet suojatulla verkkosivulla. Annettuja henkilötietoja käyttää AIDesign Oy vain tilauksesi täyttämiseen.


Jos AIDesign Oy ei kykene noudattamaan ehtoja epätavallisten epäsuotuisien olosuhteiden, kuten lakkojen, maan sisäisten levottomuuksien, sodan, luonnonkatastrofien tai muiden ylivoimaisten esteiden, jotka eivät ole sen hallinnassa takia, ei AIDesign Oy: tä voida pitää vastuussa.

Et saa käyttää verkkosivustoa väärin. Et saa tehdä tai kannustaa rikokseen, välittää tai levittää virusta tai muuta materiaalia, joka on haitallista, teknisesti haitallista, luottamuksen vastaisesti tai millään tavalla loukkaavaa tai säälimätöntä. Et saa hakkeroida palveluja, vioittaa tietoja, ärsyttää muita käyttäjiä, lähettää roskapostia tai yrittää vaikuttaa minkä tahansa tämän verkkosivuston tietokonepalvelun suorituskykyyn tai toimintaan. 

Emme voi taata, että kuvamme näyttävät värejä, osuuksia ja yksityiskohtia 100% tarkkuudella. Kaikki hinnat sisältävät 24% arvonlisäveron. Mikäli tarvitset neuvoa tai tietoa, ota yhteyttä sähköpostilla ideas (at) tai puhelimella 0400 427 876.